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Most commercially produced bars of soap are made with the fats of animals and combined with a soap foundation of lye. That's right, lard and tallow from animals like cows, horses, pigs and others. 

That may be great for the big soap companies, but it's not good for you.  

Sorry, No Animals Allowed

You will only find pure vegetable oils in our soap-making.  No exceptions! As a result, our soaps are a wonderful combination of rich moisturizing lather combined with a gentle cleansing and conditioning for your entire body.

We use natural fruit wax (shea butter and virgin coconut oil). Both shea butter and virgin coconut oil duplicate your body's native protective wax (sebum oil). Fernwood soaps natural ingredients help replace the oil we lose in bathing, the major cause of dry skin and hair.

100% Natural Fragrances

Most soaps today employ artificial (chemical) fragrances.  That means that you are putting these same manufactured substances into your body each and every time you lather up.  Not good...

Fernwood uses all natural essential oils as fragrances.  There are no formulated perfumes used in our products, which means no synthetic ingredients.  Synthetic perfumes and fragrances are one of the leading causes of allergic reactions in soap products.  We prefer to stick with nature, thank you...

Naturally Preserved

Finally, we use 100% Rosemary extract as a natural preservative in our soaps.  Rosemary extract is a powerful antioxidant that retards bacterial growth, as well as providing nourishment for your body.


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