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There are lots of extremely damaging ingredients used in commercial soaps.  In fact, most commercial soaps aren't actually soap - their detergents!  In that case, you might be better off spraying yourself with stain remover, and then tossing yourself in with the wash!

Why we are different...

1.  Fernwood uses NO animal tallow, lard, fats, oils or ANY animal by-products.  Your pets will be happy that you use our soaps.

2.  Fernwood conducts absolutely NO animal testing, unless you count us...However, it is true that our Tea Tree Blend makes an excellent dog and cat shampoo.

3.  Fernwood uses NO synthetic preservatives, brighteners, retarders, hardeners, emulsifiers, detergents, dyes or perfumes.  If Mother Nature didn't create it, then you won't find it in any Fernwood product.

4.  Fernwood products contain NO DEA(Diethanolaimine) or TEA (Triethanolaime), both potential carcinogens which are used as preservatives in many other soaps and shampoos.  Nor is Triclosan used as an antibacterial agent, unlike many liquid soaps and detergents on the market.  In fact, Triclosan has recently come under suspicion as a dangerous compound whose full toxicity is just now being understood.  

5.  Fernwood makes no claim to be hypoallergenic.  As we all know, any one individual can be allergic to almost anything.  However, Fernwood strives to make a family of personal care products that are extremely gentle and user friendly.  Fernwood advises immediate disuse of any product in the event that an adverse reaction should occur.  


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